Projected Opening 2019 On Philadelphia's Independence Mall

The Faith and Liberty Discovery Center will be an immersive experience that unites diverse people in an exploration of America's core values.

Why It Matters

The values of faith and liberty are woven into the fabric of America.

Faith, liberty, unity, justice, hope, and love are all foundational to the founding and development of our nation, and are all present in the Bible. Founders like William Penn took inspiration from the Bible to imagine new colonies with the revolutionary idea of dignity and love. Scripture inspired icons like Martin Luther King, Jr. to expand civil rights and liberties for all. Abolitionists and suffragists like Angelina Grimké and Frederick Douglass turned to the Bible to reimagine what a just society could look like.

To understand the American experience is to first discover the role of the Bible in inspiring the people who shaped our values. How can we be inspired by these people to come together around these values for a more united and transformed future?

How We'll Do It

Through a series of interactive installations and multisensory experiences, you will explore what faith, liberty and other core values mean to you. Discover America, discover yourself.

Witness how Philadelphia's radical founding call for religious freedom inspired a new nation of pluralism, tolerance and justice.

Discover how the Bible led Americans—from the founders to suffragists to civil rights marchers—to create a more perfect union for us all.

Gather your own stories and inspiration, and see how your personal journey can bring America together through realizing our shared values.

The FLDC is located one block east of both the Liberty Bell Pavilion and the National Constitution Center.

Where We'll Be

Projected Opening 2019

101 North Independence Mall East
Philadelphia, PA 19106-2155

Who We Are

The narrative experience of the Discovery Center is being led by the award-winning firm Local Projects, which has created groundbreaking experiences for some of the world’s top museums, cultural institutions, and attractions—such as the 9/11 Memorial & Museum.

Architectural design is being led by the Philadelphia principals of JacobsWyper Architects' SaylorGregg Studio.

As the Faith and Liberty Discovery Center takes shape, a diverse committee of top historians, religious experts, and legal scholars from across the nation is collaborating to shape the Faith and Liberty Discovery Center’s narrative experience while ensuring full historical accuracy.

What They're Saying

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