Projected Opening 2019

Faith & Liberty Discovery Center on Philadelphia’s Independence Mall

The Faith & Liberty Discovery Center will be an immersive experience located on Independence Mall in Philadelphia, America’s Most Historic Square Mile.


About Us

The Faith & Liberty Discovery Center offers a unique lens from which to understand the history of Philadelphia and the nation — faith. Among America‚Äôs essential founding documents, the Bible is a significant organizing cultural force that has inspired, influenced, and informed the American ideal of liberty and continues to shape our national identity as a free people.

Our Team

The narrative experience of the Discovery Center is being led by the award-winning firm Local Projects, which has created groundbreaking experiences for some of the world’s top museums, cultural institutions, and attractions — credits include the 9/11 Memorial & Museum.

As the Faith & Liberty Discovery Center takes shape, a diverse committee of top historians, religious experts and legal scholars from across the nation is helping to give shape to the Faith & Liberty Discovery Center’s narrative experience while ensuring full historical accuracy. This committee includes a Pulitzer Prize winner, renowned historians, bestselling authors, a lawyer who has argued before the Supreme Court and a professor whose scholarship is so significant, the High Court has cited it.

Architectural design is being led by the Philadelphia principals of JacobsWyper Architects' SaylorGregg Studio.


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Charter Day a reminder of where American greatness began

Local Projects, the award-winning design firm leading the creation of the Faith & Liberty Discovery Center experience.

Dr. Daniel Dreisbach, Professor, American University 

Daniel Walker Howe, Professor of History Emeritus, UCLA, Rhodes Professor of American History Emeritus, Oxford University

Philadelphia-based JacobsWyper Architects' SaylorGregg Studio, architects of the Faith & Liberty Discovery Center.

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